From the point of view of philosophy, space is just an image of the world around us. A scientific approach in this matter is necessary but perhaps insufficient. For example, through the knowledge of a man himself, it can be said that there is a knowledge of the universe, since a man is part of it. Consequently, we face the question of what should be studied first of all in order to cognize the world around us effectively. Opinions are likely to be divided. Someone will conquer new galaxies, and someone will look for an answer within themselves. Who of them is right? – It is far more likely that both.

Space is studied exactly as much as far our technologies allow. The key information which is known about the universe, in most cases is based on theoretical material. And only a fraction of a percent can be tested in practice, since this process is very cost-intensive. It should be noted that there is no practice without theory, as there is no action without intention, that`s why many discoveries were made by means of mathematics, physics, psychology and even religion.

The future of humanity is definitely in space, and the universe is an environment of incredible opportunities and discoveries. From the point of view of the development of civilization, it can be said that in the near future, we will actively begin to conquer the solar system – it will be the firs small step towards the conquest of galaxies and space. In general, this is the key to the survival of any civilization. And it`s far more likely that there is an infinite number of them.

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